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WHO I AM Weekend Intensives

A 44-Hour Weekend Intensive exploring, studying, and telling your story, especially the obstacles to identity and purpose. With God, you are an overcomer! Become a history-maker! This is how God is telling His Story. Find out how God is calling you to represent Him, how He changes cities and nations, and what part you might play in the fulfillment of the prophetic promise that “the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas (Hab. 2:14).

How Values Shape Learning

All we do and teach, all our principles and programs, flow out of Biblical values, outlined in YWAM’s Foundational Values. We find our pathway layed out for us in Peter’s second letter.  Peter writes, “You have everything you need for life and godliness…therefore, make every effort…to confirm your calling.”

  • 2 Pe. 1:3-10

Using Your Major in Missions

Trent Shepard explains university students can be involved in Christ’s mission.


You can enroll in one of our online courses for students, leaders, and outreach hosts, mentors, and YWAM staff. We can help you set up an on-campus DISCIPLE Course, create and coordinate outreach, get interns for your organization, or design your own missional outreach. You may also book one of our YWAM missionaries for a live teaching on location or as a webinar.

Leader’s Guide for DISCIPLE Course

Follow this guide to start making disciples and coordinate outreaches on your college campus.

Converge Course

Designed for Converge Fellows, you can also follow this guide on your own to use your major in missions during your college years or cultivate your early career with a meaningful service project.

Coordinators Course

Join the next cohort of YWAMers to become a staff or associate staff member with YWAM’s Student Centre network, part of Campus Ministries International.


Programs and Courses are registered University of the Nations Extensions Courses.

You can host a course too.

If you’re a YWAM staff member or a Friend of YWAM, you can host a course. You can also use the Converge App to coordinate all the administrative details.

“A culture survives principally…by the power of its institutions to bind and loose men in the conduct of their affairs with reasons which sink so deep into the self that they become commonly and implicitly understood.”

Philip Reiff, Sociologist

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