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The Converge Fellowships connect, equip, and send college students and young adults to serve long-term projects to discern their life-work and calling.

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How Converge Fellowships Work

You can lead or host a team or join.  We make it easy to host Fellows to complete projects for your organization.

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Sign up to learn how to use the Converge App to create and coordinate outreaches and courses. We will help you step-by-step from design to completion. The Converge App can save you about 80 hours of administrative tasks.

Build the $300 annual fee into your event budget. Save about 80 hours of routine work. Provide dedicated profile and fundraising pages for your event and each participant.

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Make a Difference with Converge

Chart your path to learn to make a difference using your college degree or career path by serving a missional organization.

Converge Course

The Converge Course is the path Fellows take to prepare and complete their individualized projects. College Students, YWAMers, or any Young Adult may apply. We’ve traveled the world gathering some of the most relevant and insightful interviews and made them available to you for your pre-departure training arranged in 10 lessons. The Converge Course begins several weeks before you travel to serve the host for your Fellowship. The course begins with a pre-departure orientation followed by four additional phases completed on site.  All assignments are designed to help you prepare your major project and engage at a deep level with your host community. This course was originally designed for college internships. Here’s an Introduction to the Converge Course:


The pre-departure Orientation consists of ten lessons with 50 short videos (2-5 minutes), and online questions for you to respond to course content and engage with your personal Mentor, your Host, other Fellows on your team, and Converge Coordinators.

Lesson 1 – The Changing Face of Missions

Lesson 2 – Understanding History

Lesson 3 – Prayer & Priorities

Lesson 4 – Knowing and Hearing God

Lesson 5 – Biblical Worldview

Lesson 6 – Right Relationships

Lesson 7 – Crossing Cultures

Lesson 8 – Justice & the Greatness of God

Lesson 9 – Calling

Lesson 10 – Final Reflections

All Converge Fellows are required to choose a Mentor from their own community, a faculty member, a pastor, a missionary, or any mature Christ-follower who will meet with you, pray with you, advocate for you, and advise you through this life-changing experience.


Your Host will meet you at the airport, help you get situated in your housing, and give you some time to rest after your travels. In addition to showing you hospitality, your Host will give you some important instruction about the social and cultural “do’s and don’ts” and safety recommendations to help you navigate your new surroundings and pray for the people and place where you will be working. Your Host will introduce you to the people you will be working with and help you understand the vision, history, and the current status of the field project. Part of enculturation includes learning to use public transportation, and finding local services (such as the bank, shopping, and medical facilities). The objective is for you to join in the rhythm’s of community life, ready to join Jesus in the neighborhood. During this phase, you will complete a Community Mapping exercise designed to help you engage with the community you will serve.


In addition to your regular weekly schedule, you will build new relationships, listening and observing the way people live. You will build upon the mapping exercise by planning and conducting interviews to help you research and pray about your Field Project Report, a project you will design to meet a community need. Before you begin your Field Project Report, you will interview the project leader to discuss what you propose to design. Your Mentor may help also you regarding the development of your idea. When considering your Field Project Report, ask yourself: “If I were to move to this community, what would I do to make a difference for the glory of God?”


The Project is your unique contribution to your host organization and community during your Fellowship. As you develop your Project, you will draw on what you learned in the Course. The guiding question of your Project should be: “What can I do to empower the community and make a difference for the glory of God?” As you near the completion of your Project, you will write a Final Report documenting your project and reflecting upon your learning experiences. You will articulate objectives and goals and describe the resources you needed and challenges you faced. Your Final Report may take a traditional form such as a document written in Word, or it may be a non-traditional submission, such as a photo-journal, podcast, website, or video.


How much did you grow? Debriefing is a time to review and celebrate your experiences. You will meet One-on-One with your Host before you depart from the field, and your Mentor online or when you return home.


Copies of your completed Field Project Report and photos or a short video should be given to the Host, your Mentor, and the YWAM Converge office.

You may audit the course and create your outreach experience if you choose. Anyone can enroll in the Converge Course and learn how to make a difference.

You can download the course syllabus outlining the phases, assignments, and curriculum in more detail.

Learn about the Converge Course

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