Who I Am Weekend Intensives

Overcoming Obstacles to Identity and Purpose

About the Weekend Intensive

The Who I AM Weekend Intensive is for Young Adults (ages 18-28). No matter how you feel, you have a calling from God. But how can we do what God wants if we are stuck emotionally? How can we overcome the obstacles to identity and purpose?

You can’t know your calling if you don’t know your story.

This is not just a lecture series. The weekend is a time of deep work on your story. The weekend is your opportunity to respond to God through eight steps outlined in 2 Peter 1:3-10.

With each short message, activity, assessment, dramatic reading, and story group discussion, you will find greater freedom and clarity.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot for the next weekend below.

Calling is about Identity and Purpose

American  sociologist Phillip Rieff said we live in a “therapeutic culture.” He also said we have a “third-world culture,” an anti-Christian culture which does not respect any transcendent authority. Therefore, the primary ethic in today’s society is “What’s best for you?” The hyper-sensitivity to social and emotional well-being in most public schools, and the constant our use of smart phones and social media  has not helped; instead, we have a cohort of young adults who struggle deeply with identity and purpose.

Responding from a Biblical Christian Perspective

Noticing the cultural shift, we began to read the Bible from a different angle. For years, we’ve taught about how God called Moses at the burning bush and how God revealed his broken heart over the plight of the children of Israel in captivity.

Moses experienced trauma.

Moses was put in a basket on a river as a young child. He was raised by a tyrant who killed babies and subjugated his family and his people. His anger led him to kill a man, and he became a fugitive, running from the king who raised him, the most powerful man in the known world. No wonder Moses had a speech impediment!

God Knows Our Stories

Just like Moses, God’s call is connected to our stories. God knows why we run. He knows why we hide, lie, and rage. He knows why we cry. We respond to trauma in many ways, but all of them are the result of lies that get embedded in our hearts about our identity and our purpose. Lies become the obstacles that keep us from knowing and fulfilling our calling. God feels the emotional pain we feel. He identifies with us as He did when he called Moses. He said, “I have surely seen the suffering of my people in Egypt. I have heard their cries.” In essence, God said, “I feel what you feel. I saw you and I see them, too.”

Transformational Prayer

Transformational Prayer Ministry Facilitator helps people find freedom and healing from emotional wounds. Our wounds may be from a dog bite or a bee sting. Our wounds may be from sexual assault. We all experience some trauma, but we pull away, avoiding the pain. We stay busy. We hide. We deny. We suppress anger. Or we weep, wondering if anyone can understand.

The Weekend Intensive is designed to help participants identify their emotional wounds and take steps to allow God to show the truth about what happened in their stories. This is how healing begins. This is how God is calling every one of us to become his witnesses, to participate in His-Story.

The Weekend Plan

We cannot know God’s calling until we know our story, especially the parts that hinder us. Jesus is calling us to engage our stories so we can engage our world.

Peter instructs us to "make every effort" to add to God’s gift of faith, which informs us that we have “everything we need” and that “we have escaped the corruption of the world caused by evil desires.” We are to use that faith to live like Jesus. Peter’s letter teaches us that we must take several steps of growth to ensure our relationship with Jesus is “effective and productive.”

We will follow Peter's eight steps of 2 PETER 1:3-10 to identify obstacles to knowing our identity and purpose so that we can effectively grow, and be productive in our relationship with Jesus.

We begin with a rest of faith, knowing that God’s power has given us everything we need to participate in this world according to his nature. God is the Creator. He’s the original gardener, artist, communicator, teacher, lawgiver, healer, counselor, builder, and architect. He is the author of every kind of faithful work. This Weekend Intensive is designed to start participants on the pathway to clarify their calling in life.

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Next Weekend Intensive

The next WHO I AM weekend intensive will be in at Ocean City Tabernacle, Ocean City, NJ, April 5-7, 2024.

For College Student and Young Adult Groups

Participants prepare for their part in God’s call to make Him known in all the earth, in every nations and through every vocation. The WHO I AM Weekend Intensive will help members of your group begin to find their place in God’s world, expand their sphere of influence, and focus on God’s intentions for every family and nation to know His goodness, truth, and justice through every kind of faithful work.

WHO I AM Weekend Intensives require a primary group leader, group of at least 16 participants, and a staff team of at least seven.

If interested, schedule a meeting with us to begin planning the WHO I AM Weekend Intensive in your city. Allow at least 30 days to plan, recruit your team, and prepare for this life-changing biblically-based intensive.

What to Expect

The WHO I AM Weekend Intensive includes six significant outcomes related to knowledge, attitude, and skills. Those outcomes are refined into several criteria fulfilled through activities aligned with the apostle Peter’s instructions from 2 Peter 1:3-10. Activities, Assessments, and Story Group  discussions will take you deep into your story so that you can remove obstacles that hinder your response to God’s calling.

Schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

The CallingQuest Intensive is based on YWAM’s Foundational Values and the qualities listed in 2 Pe1:5-8.

Principles are shaped by Values

“We established relationships with people who long to see their nation and the world through Bible-filtered lenses. In a world that compartmentalizes the secular and sacred, society and religion, into two distinct and mutually exclusive spheres of influence, it was our hope and prayer that we could teach that God reigns over and in and through all. He is Lord of government, business, science, technology, education, family, the church, arts, and communications. The sacred should not be self-contained and relegated to a position of non-influence, but rather, should extend itself to influence holistically.”

Ju Rhyu, Brown University - Sphere Group Leader in Kenya

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