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A Salt & Light Weekend Intensive

The CallingQuest SnL is much more than a lecture series. It’s an intensive weekend of personal and group engagement with the Bible, Current Affairs, the Callings of God, and the Spheres of Society. We are called to be Salt and Light.

This first CallingQuest Intensive was presented to 100 university students at the University of Nairobi-Kenya in 2001. The CallingQuest-Transforming Your Nation Through Your God-given Vocation in Kenya included thirteen Brown University students and three YWAM Madison’s School of the Bible (SOTB) students who assisted with the lectures, research, and discussions in small groups and local outreaches. 

John Henry and the three SOTB taught from Peter's qualities (2 Pe1:1-9). Small groups were formed to represent the spheres of society. The groups, led by Brown students, searched the scriptures and the current newspapers to find what they say about their sphere. After the four days of lectures and small groups, they continued to meet weekly. They visited city locations representing their sphere, such as government buildings, news agencies, schools, hospitals, religious temples, art galleries, etc.

We challenged young Kenyans to understand better their identity and role in influencing their world. The workshop helped them begin to think critically, holistically, and biblically about issues, such as AIDS, poverty, and corruption, that affect their society.

Purpose of the CallingQuest

The CallingQuest helps students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to actively engage the world to evangelize their peers, the lost, and people from other cultures, including neighbors. Additionally, the purpose is for students to prepare to participate in the Great Commission, as outlined in the Christian Magna Carta, and to communicate the gospel of the kingdom into a particular sphere of society.

For College & High School Groups

Participants prepare for their part in God’s call to make Him known in all the earth, in every nations and through every vocation. The CallingQuest will help members of your group begin to find their place in God’s world, expand their sphere of influence, and focus on God’s intentions for every family and nation to know His goodness, truth, and justice through every kind of faithful work.

CallingQuest Intensives require a primary group leader, group of at least 21 participants, and a college student leader team of at least seven. Student leaders must meet three hours before participants arrive for the intensive.

If interested, schedule a meeting with us to begin planning the CallingQuest in your city. Allow at least 30 days to plan, recruit your team, and prepare for this life-changing biblically-based intensive.

What to Expect

The CallingQuest Intensive includes six significant outcomes related to knowledge, attitude, and skills. Those outcomes are refined into several criteria fulfilled through activities aligned with the apostle Peter’s instructions from 2 Peter 1:3-10. Sphere Group assignments include on site intercession and interviews with influential leaders in the city. The activities are adaptable the local setting and current affairs. 

Schedule a meeting with us to begin planning today.

The CallingQuest Intensive is based on YWAM’s Foundational Values and the qualities listed in 2 Pe1:5-8.

Principles are shaped by Values

CQ Outreach

Small groups, led by young adults and university students, will visit city locations representing their sphere, such as government buildings, news agencies, schools, hospitals, religious temples, art galleries, etc.

These Sphere Groups, led by Student Leaders, make arrangements for an on-location tour and interview with a leader in theit group’s sphere. Participants will formulate questions in advance for the interview. After asking questions about current affairs and a biblical view of issues related to the sphere, participants will pray with and for the organization and the leader hosting them. Book a meeting with us to learn more.

“We established relationships with people who long to see their nation and the world through Bible-filtered lenses. In a world that compartmentalizes the secular and sacred, society and religion, into two distinct and mutually exclusive spheres of influence, it was our hope and prayer that we could teach that God reigns over and in and through all. He is Lord of government, business, science, technology, education, family, the church, arts, and communications. The sacred should not be self-contained and relegated to a position of non-influence, but rather, should extend itself to influence holistically.”

Ju Rhyu, Brown University - Sphere Group Leader in Kenya

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To Know God & Make Him Known

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