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YWAM Foundational Values

Because YWAM Student Centre is a YWAM ministry, we are committed to YWAM's Statement of Purpose and Foundational Values.

And YWAM’s values inform our values for all our ministries.

Values to “Make your calling…sure.”

Spiritual formation touches every part of your personal life. Making disciples of nations touches every kind of faithful work.

Discover God’s Calling

We know everyone has a calling. But following the crowd will not bring transformation. Therefore, connecting with God's heart and His mission is the best way to discover your purpose.  

Every YWAM Student Centre participant and every volunteer will engage the following values through formal and informal Bible Studies, learning activities, and discussions, including the following qualities the Apostle Peter instructs us to “make every effort” to “add” to our faith in Christ. (See 2 Peter 1:4-8)

1. You have everything you need

Therefore, we believe God has called us.

2. You begin by Faith

Therefore, we make every effort to read, meditate, and listen to God’s Word.

3. You add Virtue

Therefore, we seek to know and represent God’s character.

4. You add Knowledge

Therefore, we learn about God’s world,  His works, and His ways.

5. You add Self-Control

Therefore, we yield with respect to others, making choices with integrity.

6. You add Perseverance

Therefore, we patiently endure as we obey all God says to do.

7. You add Godliness

Therefore, we stand in a right relationship with God and before the audience of One.

8. You add Brotherly-Kindness

Therefore, we respond to needs as ambassadors of reconciliation in our sphere of influence.

9. Finally, you add Love

Therefore, we spread everywhere the aroma of Christ through  integrity and sacrifice.

Standards to Make Short-Term Missions Better

Our membership with requires that we uphold the Seven Standards of Excellence for Short Term Missions.


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