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We are YWAM Converge

The YWAM Converge staff and associate staff who are members of YWAM Student Centre are YWAM university missionaries on five continents. We collaborate on strategic projects. We speak multiple languages. And we are passionate about helping university students know God and make Him known in their career choices and spheres of influence.

We help you make university ministries an integral part of your mission.

John and Mary

YWAM Converge - Ocean City, NJ

John & Mary Henry, overseers of YWAM Converge, have served with YWAM’s University of the Nations since 1985. John is the founder of YWAM Student Centre. He and his team have created Converge Fellowships (specialized outreaches and internships), the School of University Ministries, the University Discipleship Course, WHO I AM Weekend Intensives, and other Seminars.

They live in Ocean City, NJ USA

Language: English

Chris and Rachel

YWAM Converge - New Jersey

During the Spring of 2022, Chris and Rachel helped lead the first DISCIPLE Course at Stockton University. They completed their DTS in Colombia last Fall and now they are raising funds as new staff members. They will continue reaching out to Stockton University. Our plan is for them to lead a DISCIPLESHIP HOUSE nearby.

John and Monica

YWAM Student Centre - Santiago, Chile

John and Monica Hwang have served with YWAM Student Centre and developed Centre network leaders for over 18 years.

They live in Madison, WI USA and Santiago, CHILE

Languages : English, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish

Greg & Jewel

YWAM Student Centre - YWAM Baltimore

Greg & Jewel Ruhland have been missionaries with Youth With A Mission for the past 20 years. They currently are associated with YWAM Baltimore & the Centre for Christian Formation.

They have a passion to see people live with an ever-increasing connection to God, others and their world. They partner with projects, people and ministries to that end.

They live in Baltimore, MD USA

Language: English

Mauricio and Diana

YWAM Student Centre - YWAM Philadelphia

Mauricio, Diana their daughter Celeste arrived in the States in February 2022. They are in the phase of helping to pioneer a new YWAM base in Philadelphia. They are helping with the next DTS.

Mao and Diana are adding passion for reaching the city with Gospel through street evangelism and prayer stations. They are investing in a network between universities and Christian leaders.

They live in Philadelphia, PA USA.

Languages: Spanish, English

John & Rebeca

YWAM Student Centre - Directors CoLab432

John & Rebeca Stenson want to see young and old alike encounter their Maker through visual arts, audio arts, movement and hospitality. We are excited to see people discover their identity and destiny as they draw close to the heart of the Father, their truest home.

Languages: English, Spanish

Davi and Moni

YWAM Student Centre - YWAM 360, Brazil

Davi is on YWAM Brazil’s national leadership team. He’s completing training at Brasilia Presbyterian Seminary. He and Moni are leaders at Jocum360,  and Davi is an Elder and Youth Counsellor at their local church. This dynamic couple has extensive experience training teenagers, youth and adults on a variety of subjects, such as Missions, Cross- Cultural Missions, God's Story, Vocation and Calling, Fear of the Lord, Communication, Ministry Partnership, Single Christian Women. Pray for Davi, Moni.

They live in Brasilia, BRAZIL.

Languages: Portuguese, English


YWAM Student Centre - YWAM 360, Brazil

Vision: Christian university students from Brasília involved in the Great Commission with a glocal perspective

Objectives: Consolidate a model of cooperation between movements, ministries, and Christian groups at the University of Brasília

Activities: University Circle / HangOut / Joint Events / The Party / Audiovisual Project

  • Connecting Missions Organizations and Agencies with university audiences in local churches.

  • Cultural Immersion / Mission Services.

  • Start the translation into Portuguese of the University Discipleship Course and Converge Missional Internships.

  • Running the programs / Forming the teams

Coral lives in Brasilia, BRAZIL

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English


YWAM Converge - Arts, South Jersey

“I want to reach people, young and old, through performing arts and specifically through dance. I love to see how people worship God through the arts.”

Amy Bischof’s whole life has been a part of YWAM as a YWAM kid.

Amy’s passion is to reach people, young and old, through performing arts and specifically through dance. She loves to see how people worship God through the arts. Dancing is a way she connects with people to bring JOY and Light where there is no light or JOY.

Amy is serving with YWAM Converge at the Dynamic Center of Fine Arts (DCFA) in Seaville, NJ. Her goal is to develop internships for the arts and oversee YWAM Converge fellows at DCFA.

She lives in Cape May Courthouse, NJ USA

Languages: English, German


YWAM Student Centre - Europe

Kim works with university students all over Europe. He has worked in Ukraine, Germany, and recently he had a meeting with an Italian YWAMer to discuss possible ministry among students in north of Italy.

Languages: Korean, English, German, French, etc.


YWAM Student Centre - YWAM Starkville, MS

“God stirred in my heart a passion for walking with these young men and women, helping them grow in their knowledge and understanding of Him as they studied in University. We have now started a new location of YWAM back at my alma-mater and want to help students connect the dots between their fields of study and their relationship with God.”

Chelsea Burks directs YWAM Starkville at Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS USA

Language: English

Juan Carlos and Gina

YWAM Student Centre - YWAM Bogota, Colombia

Vision: To see a professional and university mission movement impacting and transforming  every area in society in Colombia, Latin America and the nations.

For university leaders, young professionals and students to be part of the great commission through training, and mobilization in the area of their influence.

Goals: Biblical-worldview, Discipleship, and Calling seminars in churches with students and professionals, with outreaches on campus and work projects.

  • To establish two campus ministry teams in two of the main universities in Bogota.

  • To develop more online seminars: 1. Cultural battle. 2. Calling and spheres of society, and 3. Biblical Civil Government.

  • To do Bible training and distribute Bibles to students on two campuses.

They live in Bogota, COLOMBIA.

Languages: Spanish, English

Tom and Michelle

YWAM Student Centre - S. Korea

Tom & Michelle Lee manage YWAM Korean mission center in Incheon, South Korea. They host short-term mission teams from KOREA, US, CANADA.

They live in Incheon, South Korea.

Language: Korean

Amanda Merten

YWAM Student Centre - Director of True Mission Outreach.

“I have a very intense passion for spreading the Gospel to all the earth. My goal is to continue reaching out to not only those around me on a daily basis but also to the ends of the earth. I have visions from the Lord himself. Part of this vision includes four pillars which are Evangelism, Discipleship, Social Work, and Counseling. We go about this in a variety of ways. I have two very specific daily priorities. One is to continually grow closer to the Lord; the second is to love and serve all of those around me no matter the cost.”

Dr. Moses Kharat

YWAM Student Centre - India

A Medical Doctor in India, Moses is a founder of the CBHP Community Based Health Projects.

Moses served with various Christian Mission Hospitals in India. He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery currently working with St.Luke’s Hospital, a 200-bed multi-specialty Catholic Charity Hospital in Shrirampur town in Maharashtra state in India.

Dr. Moses is also associated with the medical ministry of YWAM UofN Lonavala in India.

He hosts long term and short term volunteers, medical mission interns, and professional like doctors and nurses who can work with CBHP and St. Luke’s Hospital.

Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English

Yrismar Paraguan

YWAM Student Centre - Director YWAM Puerto La Crus, Venezuela

Pioneering YWAM's campus ministry on six campuses in Puerto La Cruz, .

"I want to help students discover their purpose and impact society throughout their career. We are developing various projects to allow students to put their abilities into practice, such as community development projects, basic nursing, design, among others." 

Language: Spanish

Be sure to add the note: “For YWAM Paraguan".  


Callistus Mathew

YWAM Student Centre - INDIA

Callistus is a Coordinator / Project Leader in India. Please designate gifts to Callistus via Mission Enablers International. Always use the missionary designation code: MC3952.


YWAM Student Centre - YWAM Mahajanga, Madagascar

SAD NEWS: Olivia’s husband, LOVA, was recently killed in a tragic accident in Tanzania. We mourn his loss and pray for Olivia and her children.

We want to see university students, young people to discover their destiny and have impact with shalom communication.

They are YWAM full time missionary, working in Campus Ministry Madagascar. Lova is a part of the conveners/elders of YWAM Madagascar.


  • To run a youth leadership training for university students

  • To start a media ministry by teaching or training

  • To raise support for the family, and Campus Ministry Mahajanga.

They live in Mahajanga, MADAGASCAR

Languages: Malagasy, French, English

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