Why Virtual Remote?

When the Coronavirus crisis caused governments to declare health emergencies and businesses closed all over the world, those businesses, as well as schools, NGOs, and even churches all went virtual. At YWAM Converge, we help you make a difference with missional organizations. We have added virtual remote internships—that is, an internship that you can do from anywhere, which can take place over the summer, over the course of a semester, or throughout the year. Virtual Remote Internships are no longer only for internet-friendly companies. Everyone has been forced to adjust to a new normal. 

Virtual Remote Internships are best suited for the following types of internships:

Just like any Converge internship, participants will need strong communication and time-management skills. However, Virtual Remote Internships require participants and host organizations to have both knowledge and experience with virtual collaborative platforms, such as Slack, Trello, and Google Suite. 

What is a Virtual Remote Internship?

You might call them Online Internships. Converge was originally built for the intern who travels to complete an internship with a host organization. But now, we are adding internships for both local commuters and those who do their internship directly from their own laptop! 

Virtual Remote Internships give you and host organizations the opportunity to work together from anywhere, across the country or around the globe. A Virtual Remote Internship will not give you the experience of living and working with people. However, you can still develop remote relationships and share your passion for a cause or a community. 

Students, your studies have likely all moved to online classes. Now you can do your internship online as well. And with YWAM Converge you can still support a missional organization and complete a unique project. 

Options are different. Virtual Remote projects may be one or more of the following: 

When you do a Virtual Remote Internship, you will still enroll in the Converge Course, and meet with your personally chosen Mentor. You will still meet with the Host or Supervisor and colleagues with the organization, depending on the needs of the organization. And you will still learn how to work with others and how to complete a personalized missions project.

For Hosts

When filling out the Create an Internship form, be sure to clarify that your internship is Virtual Remote. We suggest you include “Remote” or “Online” in the name you give to this Internship opportunity. When asked to give a description of the location, provide background that will help the remote intern understand your organization, the number of staff, and the various roles (not names) that your intern(s) will work with. When describing the culture and guidelines, be sure to clarify the expectations for remote interns, the number of hours of work per week, the frequency of meetings, the number of people typically in a meeting, and the tools you expect them to use. Explain your goals and the job description for the intern. Give the student applicant an understanding of your organization’s mission and history, as well as the culture of your organization. If you are a typically conservative organization, do you also have casual Fridays?

Again, it is important that you make it clear to the student seeking an internship that yours is a Virtual Remote internship and that they will not be expected to travel to your location.

If you have questions or you need further explanation, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you make a difference.