Negative Emotions and Circumstances Shouldn’t Run Your Life

Have you ever thought or wondered…?

  • “I know what the Bible says but I feel worthless.”
  • “If he/she would just change, everything would be fine.”
  • “Nobody really cares about or understands me.”
  • “I’m just going to end up rejected and alone.”
  • “Maybe this is how God made me.”
  • “Why can’t I let ‘it’ go?”
  • “I’ve forgiven him/her, so why do I still feel resentment?”
  • “God might do that for others but He doesn’t do that for me.”
  • “How long do I have to grieve over this?”

Don't let your past control your future

Emotions aren’t mysterious. They are connected to experiences in your life where you came to believe something negative. Now, when a similar situation arises, you feel the pain of that belief. That’s good news because even though the past can’t be changed, your beliefs can.

The biblical definition of “transformation” (Rom. 12:2) means metamorphosis - changing into another form. It goes beyond “learning to behave differently” to what once was is now no longer. When your core beliefs change, you change from the inside out without effort.

With our MELT process, you can experience true transformation.

"What matters is that He is there for me."

I'm Mary Henry. Let's pray together. 
I began learning about Transformation Prayer Counseling in 2003. I am also a certified Health Coach because I realize that the health of the body also includes the health of the emotions. 

My experience of transformation and authentic change has compelled me to help you through Transformational Prayer Ministry, too. 

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