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    The Converge staff network includes full time YWAM staff with the Converge Office as well as Associate Staff with other YWAM Campuses and UofN Colleges. Several of our people are volunteers in the areas of technology, media, and marketing. We welcome new YWAM Converge Staff, UofN Internship Coordinators, and Volunteers. Reach out if you are interested in joining this exciting international missions mobilization network.

    Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Business & Economic Development, Health & Medicine, Media & Journalism, Education, Law, & Social Sciences, Public & Social Services, Science, Math, & Technology, Trades & Personal Services, Church & Christian Ministries, Other

    Disease Prevention, Environmental Stewardship, Human Trafficking, International Students, Poverty & Economic Development, Pure Water Resources, Unreached Peoples & Church Planting, Women & Children at Risk, Other


    Title Start Date End date Application Deadline Seats Left Cost
    December 2020 01 Dec 2020 31 Dec 2020 02 Oct 2020 7 $0.00
    2021-2022 Year 13 Sep 2021 12 Jun 2022 15 Jul 2021 7 $0.00
    January 2021 03 Jan 2021 31 Jan 2021 04 Nov 2020 7 $0.00
    March 2021 01 Mar 2021 31 Mar 2021 31 Dec 2020 7 $0.00
    April 2021 01 Apr 2021 30 Apr 2021 31 Jan 2021 7 $0.00
    February 2021 01 Feb 2021 28 Feb 2021 03 Dec 2020 7 $0.00
    May 2021 01 May 2021 31 May 2021 02 Mar 2021 7 $0.00
    July 2021 01 Jul 2021 31 Jul 2021 02 May 2021 7 $0.00
    June 2021 01 Jun 2021 30 Jun 2021 02 Apr 2021 7 $0.00
    Sept-Oct 2020 01 Sep 2020 31 Oct 2020 03 Jul 2020 7 $0.00

    Internship Location & Culture

    As a Converge Volunteer, you will use your gifts, talents, and abilities to help connect students who are ready to go into ALL the world, including EVERY area of influence. (Mt. 28:18-20) Be a Volunteer with us if you too are dedicated to the spiritual formation of individuals and the transformation of nations. We created Converge internships, our primary ministry program, to develop missions-minded leaders for every sphere of influence. We also develop curriculum and resources, conduct retreats/short-courses, and various social media and print media communications. YWAM Converge is developing a team of certified UofN internship coordinators, YWAMers who will serve as members of an international roundtable for the purpose of overseeing, managing, and expanding the Converge program. Undergirding all our ministries is the generous work of volunteers who lend their skills and abilities, their prayers and their training, to develop this international network. No matter what your skills or abilities, there are many volunteer opportunities for you with YWAM Converge.

    This volunteer opportunity is virtual and remote. Even if you live in South Jersey, your volunteer tasks will be to engage with students and campus ministries, host and partner organizations, YWAM ministries and leaders, and other volunteers virtually from your own home. You will connect with people who share your passion for Jesus Christ and with projects to help them make a difference. Our vision for the next wave of world missions is a convergence of short term with long term missions, a convergence of passionate prayer and worship with academics and practical projects. So, your work as a Volunteer with Converge will be to join a ministry that truly seeks to disciple all nations through every sphere of influence. To do that, we believe there must be a convergence of the sacred calling with the secular (so-called) career.

    When the Coronavirus crisis caused governments to declare health emergencies and businesses closed all over the world, those businesses, as well as schools, NGOs, and even churches all went virtual. Because many organizations can no longer host interns, we have pivoted to accept virtual internships. Now the challenge is to help hosts and students learn about Converge. Partnership is something we long for but often have a difficult time defining. Churches and organizations are seeking to partner with the global community in ever increasing degrees, yet partnership is often a broad elusive term that can be defined very differently depending on the context. YWAM Converge is about Partnerships and Networks within and outside YWAM, including leaders of missional organizations, students, and members of their communities. Every Converge student and his/her mentor and donor community is in a micro-partnership with the host and their missional organization. As a Volunteer, you help make those partnerships possible.

    At YWAM Converge, we help you make a difference with missional organizations. We have added virtual remote internships—that is, an internship that you can do from anywhere, which can take place over the summer, over the course of a semester, or throughout the year. Virtual Remote Internships are no longer only for internet-friendly companies. Everyone has been forced to adjust to a new normal. Virtual Remote opportunities include: Prayer Mobilization Worship Leadership for Non-formal gatherings (No agenda-Just Jesus) Support Evangelist (Responding to Inquiries in Salesforce) YWAM Evangelist & Liaison (Connecting with YWAMers) Campus Evangelist & Liaison (Connecting with Students and Faculty) Host Evangelist & Liaison (Connecting with Organizations to Host Internships) Social Media Evangelist & Community Advocate (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Writer (Blog Posts, Emails, LinkedIn, Social Media, PR Announcements) House Parties (Small group presentations of the Converge vision) Videographer Online Meetings Coordination & Engineering Online Course Designer Google Ads Management CRM Database Administrator or Developer (Salesforce) Website Optimization (Speed, SEO, Photos) Ruby on Rails Software Developer Just like any Converge internship, Converge Volunteers will need strong communication and time-management skills. Virtual Remote Volunteers will get training for use of collaborative platforms, such as Slack, Trello, and Google Suite.

    You will be responsible for your own housing and meals. There are no fees, so you are responsible for all your own expenses during this volunteer experience. You can define your hours and duration of service.

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