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    I am coordinating the creation of excel sheets and pie charts that portray the unreached people groups in the cities of the world. This job can be done remotely. Instructions will be provided as well as oversight through zoom when needed. The final result of each spreadsheet is a colorful pie chart of the unreached people groups in the city that we are compiling information on. See the picture above. You will join our effort and see the city demographics and statistics we have already completed. Those who take on this job need to have basic knowledge of excel or google sheets and have some knowledge of unreached people groups and languages. Some data needs to be analyzed through google searches. You can work at your speed and choose how many hours you are available each day. You will be given a excel or google sheets spreadsheet of data on a particular city from a region of the world that includes all the people groups and languages found in that city. You will then scale that information into a more readable format and produce a pie chart that is easy for on field missionaries to use.

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    Our neighborhood is 35,000 people speaking 25 languages nestled into the heart of SF. San Francisco is a very diverse city. YWAM is located in 11 locations of the SF Bay area which has a population of 8 million people, 9 counties and 101 cities. San Francisco is the "jewel in the crown" of those 101 cities with a population of 800,000 people.

    San Francisco is a world class city and YWAM SF is in the heart of the city. YWAM San Francisco's director Tim Svoboda also is the coordinator for YWAM International City Ministries. This project is for YWAM International City Ministries.

    Since you will be working remotely there is no info here.

    Since you will be working remotely there is no info here.

    Since you are doing this work remotely you will provide your own food.

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    Tim , Director, YWAM SF Bay Area

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