Internship Coordinator Certification Course

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    The UofN Internship Coordinator certification course is all online training, coupled with your own personal mentorship, just like all students in the Converge Internship experience. Complete syllabus is available here: All applicants must also enroll in the Converge Course on Udemy: (If you need the Spanish Course, go to

    Other, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Business & Economic Development, Health & Medicine, Media & Journalism, Education, Law, & Social Sciences, Public & Social Services, Science, Math, & Technology, Trades & Personal Services, Church & Christian Ministries

    Environmental Stewardship, International Students, Other, Pure Water Resources, Disease Prevention, Poverty & Economic Development, Unreached Peoples & Church Planting, Women & Children at Risk, Human Trafficking


    Title Start Date End date Application Deadline Seats Left Cost
    Sept-Oct 2020 01 Sep 2020 31 Oct 2020 03 Jul 2020 11 $66.00
    February 2021 01 Feb 2021 28 Feb 2021 03 Dec 2020 11 $60.50
    Sept - Nov 2020 01 Sep 2020 01 Dec 2020 03 Jul 2020 11 $66.00
    Feb - Mar 2021 01 Feb 2021 28 Mar 2021 03 Dec 2020 11 $60.50

    Internship Location & Culture

    We will have a regular rhythm of online meetings with open discussions about the needs of your community and the students you are serving. By participating in this course, you will help create a culture within your YWAM community or your ministry network, that is engaging spheres of influence. You will serve partner organizations, such as businesses and NGOs in your community. The role of an Internship Coordinator is visionary and administrative. You will help ministry partners create internship opportunities for students.

    We will meet online regularly to discuss content and your mentor meetings, submit assignments, and pray for your project. For your project, you will assess the needs in your own YWAM community, UofN College, or network and register organizations interested in hosting student interns. You will help partner organizations design their internship program through the Converge Create-an-Internship online app.

    You will be required to take initiative. For this online training course, we seek YWAMers and former YWAMers who have a desire to engage the spheres of society by helping Christians leaders with partner organizations to create internship opportunities and to host student interns complete a personalized missions project.

    This Course is designed to certify you as a UofN Internship Coordinator. By taking this course, you will: 1. Be equipped to help your YWAM Campus or UofN School to easily administer internships with the Converge program. 2. Be able to assist organizations in your community, such as NGO's, schools, businesses, news agencies, studios, and churches, to start their own internship programs. 3. Be able to help students from any college or university to follow God's calling while supporting them with the educational goals of an internship. Applicants who have been accepted in the UofN Internship Coordinator Course, will be required to: 1. Choose a Mentor. 2. Get acquainted with the Converge Course, which every student must complete. 3. Attend five required Cohort meetings. 4. Write a letter to your YWAM leader about Converge. 5. Complete a Constituency Map 6. Write three potential Converge hosts. 7. Help two organizations Create an Internship program. The Converge program may also be used to train new YWAM/UofN Staff, and/or to provide next level discipleship for college students, including recent DTS graduates, to prepare them to lead as Christ's witnesses in various spheres of society. (Please note: Converge is NOT designed to assist with DTS Field Assignments & Outreaches).

    This training is completely online. You are responsible for your own housing.

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